Latest trends in restaurant and grocery delivery

On any given day, 1 in 12 people get their food from delivery. Shopping in-person at a store is the biggest source of food, at 40%, but at 8%, delivery is not an insignificant source of purchase channels


Since COVID began, 57% of people have ordered delivery from a restaurant, 24% have ordered grocery delivery, and 22% have ordered delivery from a convenience store.

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Consumer spending on restaurant third-party delivery apps has doubled, and on grocery delivery apps it has more than tripled when looking at year over year change in spend per panelist.

Instacart is by far the market leader in grocery delivery apps, capturing about 85% in market share. Shipt has recently gained a few points, and is in second place with about 12% in share. 

DoorDash is the leader in restaurant delivery apps with 57% in market share, followed by Uber Eats (22%), Grubhub (15%), and Postmates (5%).

What are the characteristics of restaurant delivery customers? Delivery users skew female, younger (18-35), from urban/suburban areas, and higher-income ($80k+).

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People order Pizza/Italian directly from the restaurant more often than through third-party delivery. For other types of cuisine, the split between first-party delivery and third-party delivery is more even.

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For consumers who prefer first-party delivery, they order via phone call/website just as much as they do via mobile app, and they’re also more willing to pick it up at the restaurant. Consumers who prefer third-party delivery overwhelmingly use the mobile app (vs. website) and get delivery (vs. pickup).

preferred ordering method

Most people (59%) prefer to use first-party over third-party delivery. However, the proportion of people who prefer third-party delivery has grown from 18% to 25% over the course of the pandemic.


Why do people prefer first-party delivery? Fewer fees (37%), ease of giving feedback/resolving issues (34%), and wanting their money to go directly to the restaurant (32%).

Why do people prefer third-party delivery? The app already has their address/payment information saved (40%), they like browsing multiple restaurants (38%), and it’s more convenient because they don’t have the restaurant’s own app downloaded (35%).

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