Andrew Custage

Andrew Custage
Andrew W. Custage is the Head of Analytics for Sense360 by Medallia. He leads a team focused on delivering groundbreaking insights to the food service industry and beyond, beginning prior to Sense360’s acquisition in 2020. Sense360 by Medallia provides unparalleled market intelligence and consumer insights by using a combination of next-gen datasets, including smartphone foot traffic, credit/debit spend panels, and attitudinal surveys. In addition to advising some of the world’s top restaurants, retailers, and CPG companies, Andrew hosts a best-in-class webinar series on food industry trends. His analysis / commentary has been featured in publications like the Wall Street Journal, NPR, Forbes, Fortune, Business Insider, Franchise Times, NRN, QSR Magazine, The Data Standard Podcast, and others. Andrew is an alumnus of the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and is currently based in Los Angeles.
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