Webinar Recording: How Big Data Completes the Survey Picture

What if surveys could be faster, easier, more targeted, and more accurate?

For decades, market research has been largely based on surveys, but surveys capture a consumer's opinion at a single point in time and rely on self-stated behavior (which can be unreliable).

But the rise of Big Data is revolutionizing the 'standalone survey' approach. New technology innovations now enable us to combine surveys with behavioral data sets, which provides a much deeper, faster, and more accurate view into consumer decision-making.

The leading edge of market research must entail a combination of multiple data sets - like surveys, location tracking, transaction data, and more.

You will learn about:

  • A case study on how behavioral + survey data is helping major brands make smarter data-driven decisions.
  • How to reduce the cognitive load on survey users, increase accuracy, decrease fielding time, and increase Incidence Rate.
  • How Big Data can transform surveys from point-in-time to longitudinal data.


Watch the webinar recording below.



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