Restaurant Recovery Deconstructed: Daypart Performance

Restaurants have faced more than their fair share of challenges recently. The industry is recovering, but not uniformly across regions, brands, or categories.

In this data-driven mini-webinar, we examine various consumer insights datasets to identify what restaurant recovery has looked like across the different dayparts: Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon, Dinner, and Late-Night. You'll learn about:

  • Why isn’t recovery equal across dayparts? Why are some times of the day lagging?
  • Given the disparity in recovery across dayparts, how should restaurants think about 2022 goal-setting metrics?
  • How are drivers like work commutes and unemployment influencing the recovery (or lack thereof) of different dayparts?

Watch the 10-minute video below.


Download a PDF of the full Daypart Recovery analysis here. Unlike most insights providers, Sense360 tracks consumer behavior down to the DMA and Daypart level for all major restaurant brands (unblinded).

To do this, we combine data from our foot traffic panel (5 million consumers), transaction panel (5 million consumers), and visit-based survey panel (the largest in the U.S.) in an easy-to-use insights dashboard. It updates weekly with fresh data and surfaces insights in a matter of seconds. 

As you think about your 2022 planning, Sense360 can serve as a full-service partner for competitive benchmarking, brand health tracking, expert analyst support, and custom investigations. Contact us to learn more.