What's happening with Mass retailers? Analyzing foot traffic underperformance

Since the beginning of June, the Mass channel has lost both share of visits and share of transactions within the Retail market.

Priorities are changing for restaurant customers

COVID-19 has caused a shift in priorities among restaurant goers. In the pandemic era, some qualities matter more than ever, and some are not as important as they used to be.

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Is restaurant foot traffic rebounding? A look at dayparts, weekdays, urbanicity, and states vs. national.

Now that states are reopening, some restaurants are allowing dine-in service, and people generally have more freedom to be out and about, we analyzed total foot traffic trends...

Webinar slides: Anticipating consumer behavior change as states reopen

How will consumer behavior change as states begin to reopen?

COVID-19 Webinar Recording: Stimulus Checks, Government Sentiment, and the New Normal

In our April 22nd Briefing on COVID-19, we examined survey results on: How many people have received stimulus checks How people plan to use stimulus checks How people will respond...

Spikes in grocery foot traffic result from media and national news, not local mandates

We're in a period of volatile economic and governmental change, and we're all desperately awaiting a reprieve from the coronavirus and the resulting lockdowns. Historical insights...

Winners are emerging in the battle for foot traffic among food retailers

By now, we've all seen the mass exodus from restaurants to grocery stores. But are there any trends or winners that emerge when looking at specific regions or specific retailers?