How are Club Retailers performing amid COVID-19?

How are Club Retailers performing amid COVID-19?

Restaurants in the Northeast are breathing a sigh of relief

In today's COVID-19 Briefing webinar, we presented a deep dive on consumer behavior in the Northeast.

The State of the Restaurant Industry - August 2020

Are consumers beginning to venture back out to restaurants as coronavirus lockdowns ease up? From a national perspective, restaurant foot traffic has been flatlining for several...

Quick Service Restaurants have made an impressive comeback

In recent weeks, total Quick Service sales are now positive across the country and have surpassed pre-COVID levels in all regions except the Northeast.

Third-party delivery is growing, but restaurant consumers don't prefer it

The pandemic has disrupted people's shopping, dining and entertainment behaviors for almost half a year now. But now that people have had a chance to acclimate to a new lifestyle,...

Do people feel that government lockdowns are driven more by science or by politics?

In a survey fielded late last week, we asked two questions of 963 consumers nationwide:

How could a second stimulus package impact the food industry?

How badly do consumers need a second round of stimulus checks? Survey results show the need is pretty high. The focus of today's analysis was consumer expectations toward another...

Things are looking up for Fast Casual restaurants

  For Fast Casual restaurants, performance is improving and we're almost out of the woods after a painful downturn during the pandemic.

What's happening with Mass retailers? Analyzing foot traffic underperformance

Since the beginning of June, the Mass channel has lost both share of visits and share of transactions within the Retail market.

Priorities are changing for restaurant customers

COVID-19 has caused a shift in priorities among restaurant goers. In the pandemic era, some qualities matter more than ever, and some are not as important as they used to be.