Consumer behavior in response to COVID-19 in the Midwest region

As COVID-19 case counts ease up in parts of the country, the Midwest has been outpacing other regions when it comes to retail shopping and restaurant dining activity. In today's...

Promotion analysis: McDonald's Travis Scott meal

In today's Briefing, we examined the performance of McDonald's viral Travis Scott meal promotion.

Major Trends from 6 Months of COVID-19

Over the past 6 months since the pandemic began, COVID-19 has drastically changed the landscape. In today's Briefing, we look at the themes and trends that have emerged from our...

Pizza restaurants are gaining momentum

Pizza restaurants are on a roll. When the pandemic first began, the the average person in the U.S. was spending slightly more on pizza restaurants year over year. But that amount...

Dollar Stores are winning amid COVID-19

Dollar stores have been one of the best-performing retail channels amid COVID-19. Dollar General and Dollar Tree both reported year-over-year sales growth exceeding Walmart’s, and...

How has Wendy's Breakfast performed amid COVID-19?

We recently analyzed the performance of a restaurant initiative that rolled out during COVID-19: Wendy's breakfast.   Although they had the unfortunate timing of launching just as...

Trends in order-ahead curbside pickup

In today's deep dive, we analyzed the prevalence and performance of curbside pickup as a purchasing channel.

How are Club Retailers performing amid COVID-19?

How are Club Retailers performing amid COVID-19?

Restaurants in the Northeast are breathing a sigh of relief

In today's COVID-19 Briefing webinar, we presented a deep dive on consumer behavior in the Northeast.

The State of the Restaurant Industry - August 2020

Are consumers beginning to venture back out to restaurants as coronavirus lockdowns ease up? From a national perspective, restaurant foot traffic has been flatlining for several...