How consumer perception of COVID-19 has changed throughout 2021

We've been surveying American consumers with a weekly perceptions pulse since the beginning of the pandemic. Regarding COVID-19, they've grown increasingly optimistic in some respects, and increasingly pessimistic in others.

One of our recurring questions is, "What best describes your current perception about COVID-19?" with answer options that range in concern level from "No one should be concerned about it, as it will blow over soon" to "It's an even bigger threat than most people realize." 

Another recurring question is, "When do you expect an end to COVID restrictions and a return to 'normal' daily activity?" with answer options that range from "within 2 weeks" to "longer than 6 months."

Now that we've been tracking the rise and fall of these perceptions for two years, we have ample historical data to look at the interplay between them. In this three-minute video clip, Sense360's Head of Analytics, Andrew Custage, explains how consumer mindsets have been changing in recent months.

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