Demo video: The Retail Customer Experience Benchmark

Customer experience metrics help you understand the way your own customers experience your brand. But when you add benchmarking data on your competitor’s customer experience, your CX data becomes even more actionable. Sense360 provides competitive context using 360-degree insights, so you can make great decisions with confidence. 

The Retail Customer Experience Benchmark is a syndicated survey from an independent consumer panel that collects feedback from customers of top retail chains across 23 different attributes. Watch the 4-minute video for a quick overview:


The feedback is highly accurate and timely because the survey targets validated visitors right after they visit the store or the website. Most people complete the survey within 24 hours after their visit, when it’s still fresh in their mind. Removing recall bias issues that occur with traditional targeting methods.

You can track ongoing results via a powerful, user-friendly dashboard that lets you filter by shopping channel, as well as insights into non-buyer behaviors.

Unblinded access means you can Identify your brand’s strengths and opportunities against competitors with no masking of the data. And because the survey comes from our independent consumer panel panel, not your database, there’s no IT integration needed - it’s plug-and-play.

If you’d like to gain access to the survey, we can add your retail chain to the questionnaire at any time. You’ll also gain access to all historical data on the brands that are already being tracked in the survey.

Sense360 partners gain access to this Customer Experience dashboard, including unblinded visibility on all retailers included in the survey. This is just one of many views available in our Intelligence dashboard, which allows you to see consumer foot traffic and spending behaviors across all major retailers. For example, benchmarking your in-store and digital sales trends, frequency, basket size, share of foot traffic visits, and much more. You can then analyze which Customer Experience scores are most directly related to top-line sales performance, customer retention and frequency gains.

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