Demo video: Sense360 Surveys

In today’s rapidly changing world, market researchers are operating at a whole new level by tapping into specific moments in the customer journey.

With Sense360 Surveys, you can talk to consumers based on the places they go in the real world, and the websites they visit in the digital world.

Watch the demo video to learn more:

Sense360’s survey panel is best-in-class because it’s the largest visit-based panel in the U.S. It gives you access to hard-to-reach consumer segments, while our state-of-the-art targeting capabilities allow you to talk to panelists at the exact moments that matter, leading to higher-quality responses at any stage in the customer journey.

Combining surveys with our foot traffic and spending data means you get not only the “why,” but also the “where, when and how” of consumer behaviors. 

Here are a few examples of how leading B2C brands are using visit-based surveys to answer their toughest insights questions.

  • Trip missions - target consumers who just visited your store, or even those who are still inside the store, to ask what drove them to visit
  • Competitive Experience Benchmarking - survey your competitors’ customers to understand why they chose the competitor, and what you could do to drive them to your stores instead.
  • Shopper journeys - target shoppers who visited your website or your stores to understand their pre-trip planning, in-store experience, and where they visited before and after your store.
  • Non-buyers - survey people who visited your store but didn’t buy anything to understand what drove them to visit in the first place, why they left without making a purchase, and what could change that in the future.
  • TURF Analysis - Optimize your menu mix, shelf displays, or merchandising strategy. Understand what combination of items will satisfy the majority of your most valuable customers

You can launch your own surveys or lean on our Market Research experts to execute an entire research project for you. Access our results via raw exports, custom powerpoint presentations, or easy-to-use online dashboards.

Whether you’d like to benchmark your customer experience, conduct a custom survey, or gain access to a full suite of datasets and research tools - Sense360 is here to help you get your questions answered. Contact us to find out more.