Data's Role in the Post-Pandemic World

We started Sense360 under the belief that datasets are lenses, each one offering a unique perspective to understand the world.  When these lenses are combined, they provide a far richer and more precise view of what is truly happening.
It is for this reason that our stated mission for the past three years has been to combine visit data, transaction data, and survey data. 
This has allowed us to help our customers understand and deconstruct all the drivers of their performance. As an example, if a brand's performance was up, we could see if that was driven by an increase in delivery or check size or customer spend (transaction data), or perhaps by an increase in consumers perception of their quality, or value, or brand recognition (survey data), or potentially an increase in traffic, or frequency, or loyalty (visit data).  The same was true for trying to understand and solve for lagging performance. 
With the spread of COVID-19 dramatically changing how consumers interact with every business, the multiple angles we can look at are again proving to be exceptionally valuable. We can see shifts in behaviors, perceptions, and attitudes across every aspect of a business and across every channel. We can see how consumers are shifting their visits, how they are spending their money, and how their thinking is shifting. This combination allows us to keep a daily, near real-time view of exactly what is happening in the world around us and where we see it going.
Our founding belief is that no single dataset can tell you the full story, but the combination of multiple behavioral and attitudinal datasets together can help deconstruct every nuance there is. This rapidly changing world is proving our world-view correct and we are happy that we have the datasets to help you navigate the new (and hopefully very temporary) reality.