COVID-19 Analysis Part 8: Changing Habits and Media Consumption

Results from Sense360's daily COVID-19 survey show us what behaviors people are increasing as a result of the quarantine.

Six of the top seven non-food behaviors consumers are increasing due to COVID-19 relate to digital media consumption / entertainment.  Cleaning is the one exception.

increased behaviors

When we look at all of the digital media shifts, what we are seeing is that content on streaming services is dramatically up. Additionally, people are more frequently using social media, listening to music, reading online content, or connecting digitally with friends and family.

The implication for CPG, restaurants, and other industries is the importance of winning share of voice and advertising given the amount of additional exposure and digital consumption that people are exhibiting right now.

With more eyeballs on any given piece of content, and more people utilizing their time during the day on consuming digital content, this is something that is going to be critical in staying top-of-mind to consumers and winning out in the increasingly competitive battle for consumer spending as we start to feel more pronounced effects of a recession.

Additional Findings in our COVID-19 Research

Below is a summary of our high-level findings that we cover in our Daily Briefing Webinars. Every morning, at 9:30am Pacific, we provide our latest analysis of foot traffic data, our daily surveys, and soon we will be including transaction and third-party delivery data. If you would like to add these webinars to your calendar and join us, please register here. Our recent highlights are as follows.

  1. Consumers express increased concern about COVID-19 as days progress, along with increased intent to stock up on items and avoid leaving home.
  2. People are thinking about income insecurity and focusing on value when making food decisions, but sanitation and community support are also important factors.
  3. Rise of Grocery - stores have seen an increase in share of food visits (20%+ relative)
  4. We've seen a 50%+ decline in restaurant / bar foot traffic visitation in recent days (compared to February baseline).
  5. The Quick Service Restaurant market has been hit hardest at earlier dayparts (e.g. morning commutes), coinciding with massive rise in the percentage of the population working from home / not working.
  6. Restaurant foot traffic is being impacted more severely at the local level in states where COVID-19 cases emerged earlier.
  7. Pizza is punching above its weight among restaurants when it comes to share of foot traffic.
  8. The customer journey is shifting toward low visit duration, and travelers reducing distance traveled by 20%+ when going to full service restaurants.

If you have specific questions on data that can help your brand cope with the changing landscape, please contact us. We will incorporate as many of them as possible into future Daily Briefings, or reach out to you directly with answers and resources.