COVID-19 Analysis Part 6: Working from Home

Our recent survey results found that, of all employed respondents, 36% are working from home. Part-time workers are even more likely to be working from home, with 45% of part-time workers now doing so.


U.S. Census data shows that in 2017, only 5.2% of employees worked completely remotely. The current state of over a third of employed people working remotely represents a massive change in the way businesses are responding to this pandemic.

This has significant implications for the food industry. The same survey found that some of the top factors that have influenced recent food decisions include unwillingness to leave the house.

Other factors include grocery stores being out of stock, health consciousness, and diminished income.

influence food decisions

The food industry will need to adapt to drastic changes in the new world, with CPG brands looking to adapt their supply chains, restaurants focusing on delivery and take-out, and grocery stores responding to shortages.

If you need guidance on understanding the consumer landscape during this challenging time, please contact us. We have developed a COVID-19 Insights Tracker that combines surveys, foot traffic, delivery, and transaction data to help you understand how to navigate doing business amidst this pandemic.